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According to the UTC (Department of Utilities and Transportation Commission), adding Draperies to your home can help lower your energy bill.  This results in less energy being wasted and provides for lower utilities costs.  Drapes can add an extra layer of insulation. Blinds also can insulate, but they arenít as effective. Keep your drapes closed at night and on sunny days, open up the drapes and blinds to let in the sunís free heat, especially on the south side of your house.

Draperies are the quintessential and classic way to decorate your windows thereby adding elegance and flair to all decors. But, you now have to think about more than just the look of your window treatments. Energy efficiency is a huge issue in todayís energy conscious times. Even if global warming doesnít scare you, keeping the cost of utilities down is every householdís challenge. Adding drapes or curtains is a practical way to help your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Drapes and curtains can significantly lower your energy bills while using fewer of the earths precious resources.

Pacific Gas & Electric states that approximately 16% of all heat in a room escapes through windows. Keeping your drapes or curtains closed during the day also keeps out unwanted heat and sunlight that can fade carpeting and furniture. Opening drapes or curtains on cold days lets extra solar heat into the room and then by closing them at night you can retain warmth. If you want your drapes/curtains to accomplish both style and efficiency, use a thicker fabric and insulate the drapes with lining. In addition, lined drapes will reduce and suppress outside noise. They also last 10-15 years longer than unlined drapes !

Lined drapes or curtains offer more than just thermal efficiency. Lined drapes or curtains hang better for graceful full folds. Pleats and folds hang better with the added weight an insulated lining gives them. The luxurious effect on pleating cannot be matched without lining regardless of the drapery fabric used.

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